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Fermentation technology Up-Scaling

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Kontakt: Wieland Reichelt

Evologic Technologies is a small Spinoff focusing on bioprocess control and bioprocess development technologies. Currently we are working on a production process for AMF, a symbiotic fungus, which is capable of increasing fertilizer efficiency in agriculture. To render AMF an economically feasible product, the production costs have to be lowered significantly. In close cooperation with academia (TUWien), we are tackling this challenge using advanced process control strategies, a high degree of parallelization and rapid prototype testing.


Starting in March we are offering a paid Master Thesis in cooperation with the TUWien:


Aim of Study:

The production of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) is challenging, since the state of the art methods lack scalability and consequently don´t allow a economically feasible cost of goods. We have developped a novel production method for AMF based on a bioreactor. Within your master thesis you will optimize process conditions for maximum productivity and prepare and execute the scaleup into industrial scale. Your creative solutions for our manifold processing challenges are highly welcome and will be reviewed and potentially realized by and with our experienced team members. Together we will take the AMF production process to the next level.



  • Background in bioengineering/ chemical engnieering or biotechnology
  • Lab experience (sterile work environment) obligatory (standard lab courses don´t count)
  • High level of motivation and self organisation
  • Highly appreciated - experience in fermentation technology



If interested please contact:

Dr. Wieland Reichelt


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